Taylor Hoffman Secures $1,345,000 In Seed Funding to Leverage Technology and Scale Nationally
For Immediate Release 7/21/2021, Richmond VA Taylor Hoffman, Inc. Taylor Hoffman is eager to announce that it has secured $1,345,000 in a first round of seed funding to scale its cutting edge fintech app, Avidus.  This additional capital will support...
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MarketBites Daily Investment Commentary: Amazon Bulks Up Streaming I Peloton’s $400M Announcement
Stock Market Commentary for 5/25/2021: + Indices Up Across The Board:  The market saw plenty of green on Monday, with all indices finishing higher to start the week. The Dow extended its winning streak to three days, while the S&P and...
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MarketBites Daily Investment Commentary: Bitcoin’s Big Drop I Travel Fares On The Rise
Stock Market Commentary for 5/24/2021: The Big Picture: + Manufacturing:  United States manufacturing jumped to an all-time high during the month of May (61.5). There is thought that the encouraging report will be enough to stave off the Fed's tapering plans...
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MarketBites Daily Investment Commentary: Travel Prices Become Smarter I The New Big Short
Stock Market Commentary for 5/18/2021: + Mask Free Shopping:  Costco, Walmart, Target, CVS, Starbucks, Kroger, and other popular destinations have announced that fully vaccinated shoppers no longer have to wear masks. The news sent each of the aforementioned stocks higher on...
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MarketBites Daily Investment Commentary: Media Consolidation Continues I Retail Update
Stock Market Commentary for 5/17/2021: Here Comes The Money: U.S. companies have authorized a record-breaking $504B in share buybacks already this year, according to Goldman Sachs data. The enormous wave of buybacks will likely boost returns to shareholders, and it certainly shows...
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