Robbie Bass

tips for diversifying your investment portfolio
Tips for Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio
Diversification is a common investment strategy among financial planners and individual investors. The main goal of diversification is to mix and blend different investments into your portfolio. Holding different types of investments helps to minimize the risk of losing capital...
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What is an ETF?
ETF stands for “Exchange-Traded Fund”. It is a type of security that tracks certain assets groups. Examples of asset groups an ETF may track include industry sectors such as energy or industrial companies, commodities such as oil or gas, or...
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Why Every Young Adult Should Start a Roth IRA Now
A secret gem to long term wealth, the Roth IRA. You may have seen or heard about a Roth IRA on the internet, through a friend, or even a coworker, but what exactly is it? The main advantages of a...
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