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estate tax
What is the Federal Estate Tax?
Taxes are a complicated matter for many people. They may dislike the fact they are being taxed, or simply not understand why Uncle Sam gets such a large cut of their hard earned money. Income tax is what most people...
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how much life insurance do i need
How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
Ben Franklin said it best: "The only thing certain in life is death and taxes".  Not many folks like thinking about their own demise, but it's our job as financial advisors to have these difficult conversations. So, once you accept...
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Giving Tuesday 2019
’Tis the Season for Gifting – Giving Tuesday 2019 Edition
Three simple charitable donation strategies to consider this Giving Tuesday (or before the end of the year) What better day than Giving Tuesday to re-run our charitable gifting blog from December 2018? Continue reading below to see three simple ways...
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Can you Name a Beneficiary on Real Estate?
Earlier this year we wrote a blog on the importance of estate planning. The purpose of today’s post is to focus on one specific aspect of that topic – beneficiary designations. Naming beneficiaries on your assets might seem like a...
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umbrella insurance
What is Umbrella Insurance? 5 Reasons You Need It NOW
Here’s something you probably already know: everybody’s suing everybody these days. So what is umbrella insurance and how does it help? No, it is not insurance for the thing that keeps your head dry when it's raining.  Umbrella insurance is a...
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