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how to find an investment advisor
VIDEO – What to Look for in an Investment Advisor
Taylor Hoffman Wealth Management investment advisor Taylor Jessee, CPA, CFP® recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rick Orford of The Financially Independent Millennial to discuss how to find an investment advisor. Check it out! Disclosures
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rebuild virginia grant
Key COVID relief program for Virginia’s small businesses being expanded
On October 28th, Virginia governor Ralph Northam announced several key updates to the Rebuild VA Grant Fund, the state-wide economic relief program created in August to help local small business get through the pandemic.  Updates to the Rebuild VA Grant Fund...
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financial support for small businesses in va
New COVID Relief for Virginia Small Businesses
It's hard to believe, but we are now almost 5 months in to the Coronavirus quarantine and economic shutdowns. Small business owners across the country are no doubt hurting and are in desperate need of relief. Thankfully, the state government...
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how to find a financial advisor
How to Find a Financial Advisor
Finding the right financial advisor is no small task. Back in the day there might have only been a few choices, but everywhere you look now there are people ready to hand out financial advice from all corners. Thankfully there...
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best investing books
The Best Investing Books
...and what else we're reading Check out this list of books we recommend to learn more about investing and the stock market. Books for beginning investors, people looking to learn more about the stock market, as well as refreshers for...
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