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financial tips during covid-19
Webinar Replay: Controlling Your Finances in an Uncontrollable World
Miss the live webinar? No problem! Check out the replay on-demand. Disclosures: Taylor Hoffman is an SEC registered investment adviser with its principal place of business in the State of Virginia. Any references to the terms “registered investment adviser” or...
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money fears
Throwback Thursday: Conquering Financial Stress
Happy Halloween! When it comes to money, do you feel more tricked than treated? Don't let managing your finances spook you more than ghosts, ghouls, and other things that go bump in the night. Money is a difficult thing to...
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virginia unclaimed property search
Lost & Found: The Unclaimed Property Program
Few things in life beat reaching into an old coat and finding a crumpled up $20 bill Before you start digging into every jacket pocket or flipping over couch cushions, consider there might be an easier way to find lost...
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Tidying Up Your Finances with Taylor Hoffman (and Marie Kondo)
Parents, we’ve got some great news: tidiness is cool. Grab your popcorn because this year’s viral sensation is a Netflix series entitled Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which, as the name suggests, is a show about how to organize your...
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Ace Your Investments
Four lessons from the pros to impact your portfolio. If you sampled the average conversation on golf courses around the country, you're likely to hear bold predictions on the break of the green and the break of the market. At...
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how do financial advisors get paid
How Do Financial Advisors Get Paid?
In the financial advice world, probably the most popular question is "how do financial advisors get paid"? As the financial industry has evolved, so too has the manner in which consumers pay for financial advice. Generally speaking an advisor will...
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umbrella insurance
April Showers: 5 Reasons You Need Umbrella Insurance NOW
Here’s something you probably already know: everybody’s suing everybody these days.  The fact of the matter is you can be sued for just about anything. Now, whether or not such a lawsuit has merit is beside the point. I hate...
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identity theft protection, credit freeze
Identity Theft Protection Tips
Looking for ways to stop identity theft? Here are some of the best identity theft protection ideas out there. From credit freezes to credit monitoring, there plenty of options to choose from. Featured in the Richmond Times Dispatch’s Making ‘Cents’...
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kids and money
Your Kids and Money
Many parents don't feel comfortable talking to their kids about money. It is a balancing act: on the one hand you don't want to raise spoiled kids who think money grows on trees, but on the other hand you don't...
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financial stress
Conquering Financial Stress
Money can be one of the most stressful things in life. We're here to help! This blog will provide pointers on things you can do to address and alleviate your financial stress. Money is a difficult thing to discuss; it...
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