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What is Umbrella Insurance? 5 Reasons You Need It NOW
Here’s something you probably already know: everybody’s suing everybody these days. So what is umbrella insurance and how does it help? No, it is not insurance for the thing that keeps your head dry when it's raining.  Umbrella insurance is a...
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Identity Theft Protection Tips
Looking for ways to stop identity theft? Here are some of the best identity theft protection ideas. From credit freezes to credit monitoring, there plenty of options to choose from. Featured in the Richmond Times Dispatch’s Making ‘Cents’ of Financial...
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kids and money
Your Kids and Money
Many parents don't feel comfortable talking to their kids about money. It is a balancing act: on the one hand you don't want to raise spoiled kids who think money grows on trees, but on the other hand you don't...
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How to Stop Financial Stress
Money can be one of the most stressful things in life. This blog will provide pointers on things you can do to lower your financial stress. Money is a difficult thing to discuss; it can be complicated and stressful. According...
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What is a Financial Plan?
A recent study by Charles Schwab found that 75% of Americans don’t have a financial plan. Nearly half of those who don't have a financial plan said it's because they thought they didn’t have enough money to bother. More surprisingly...
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