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what is a 529 college savings plan
What is a 529 Account?
What is a 529 Plan? 529 plans are state government-run,  tax-advantaged methods of saving for higher education such as college or vocational school. They are called 529 plans because these types of accounts were created and government-authorized in Section 529...
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how do financial advisors get paid
How Much Does a Financial Advisor Cost?
One of the most popular questions in the financial world is “how much does a financial advisor cost”? The internet has made it way easier for consumers to compare prices for pretty much any service. Unfortunately, this is not always...
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umbrella insurance
What is Umbrella Insurance? 5 Reasons You Need It NOW
Here’s something you probably already know: everybody’s suing everybody these days. So what is umbrella insurance and how does it help? No, it is not insurance for the thing that keeps your head dry when it's raining.  Umbrella insurance is a...
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last minute tax tips
5 Last Minute Tax Tips
It's probably safe to say no one likes doing their taxes. For those who put off the misery of filing taxes until the absolute last second – this blog is for you! Here are some last minute tax tips to...
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social security restricted application
The Social Security Restricted Application: How to Maximize Your Social Security Retirement Benefits
Social Security is one most important parts of retirement. Why does it have to be so complicated? Knowing when to apply for Social Security benefits, and whether you are taking advantage of all available options are two key decisions in...
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